Drop In Battles

Join in with other players to battle it out in our arena.  Up to 16 players may enter a battle at a time. 


Battle Types

  • Team Death-match

    • Team Death-match puts two teams of 2-8 players against each other and work together to take down the opposing team. Match is determined by total team scores to decide the superior team.

  • Free-For-All

    • Every man for himself in this winner takes all challenge.       Free-For-All matches are maxed out at 7 players and puts you in the arena with no backup.Every man, woman and child must watch their own back as they try to claim victory in the arena.

  • Domination

    • A team game of control.Each team will try to maintain control of the arena by securing Domination boxes around the     Battle-zone. Maintain 2 out of 3 Domination Boxes for most of the match to take the win.